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 Post subject: MM17 RB aggro
PostPosted: Fri Mar 17, 2017 12:14 pm 
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Joined: Jan 16, 2014
Posts: 701
Location: Keld
Identity: Keldon
Preferred Pronoun Set: Keldon
1 x Rakdos Guildgate
9 x Mountain
6 x Swamp

2 x Scorched Rusalka
3 x Spike Jester
3 x Mogg Flunkies
1 x Dregscape Zombie
1 x Hanweir Lancer
1 x Vithian Stinger
1 x Olivia Voldaren
3 x Falkenrath Noble
1 x Rubblebelt Maaka
1 x Scourge Devil

1 x Magma Jet
2 x Dragon Fodder
1 x Goblin Assault
3 x Chandra's Outrage

Relevant Sideboard:
1 x Cower in Fear
1 x Inquisition of Kozilek
2 x Thunderous Wrath
2 x Traitorous Instinct

I went 2-1, largely due to getting mana screwed and flooded in all of my games in my first match :V Cower in fear was boarded in one game over an outrage in a mirror match.

My Pauper Cube!
Derpy Casual Decks!

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 Post subject: Re: MM17 RB aggro
PostPosted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 1:45 am 
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Joined: Nov 29, 2014
Posts: 309
Naya Beats, I'm not sure there is another deck
Gentlemen of the Curve
Avacyn's Pilgram
Ulvenwald Tracker
2x Mogg Flunkies
2x Call of the Conclave
Kor Skyfisher
Thundersong Trumpeter
2x Slaughterhorn
Hanweir Lancer
Woolly Thoctar
Skynight Legionaire
Pyrewild Shaman
Ghor-Clan Rampager
Weapons of the Curve
Path to Exile P1-1
Selesnya Signet
2x Ground Assault
2x Magma Jet
Unflinching Courage
Fiery Justice P1-7
Grull War Chant
3 Plains
5 Mountain
4 Forest
1 Seaside Citadel
1 Selesnya Guildgate
1 Boros GuildGate
2 Grull Guildgate

3-0 facing mirror in the finals. and this build had 0 Burningtree's, Madcaps, Thunderous

Thurgood Jenkins

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 Post subject: Re: MM17 RB aggro
PostPosted: Sat Mar 18, 2017 6:27 pm 

Joined: Feb 05, 2014
Posts: 1295
Location: Berk
Identity: Dragon
Blue White blink

Creatures (17)
1 x Wingcrafter
1 x Soul Warden
1 x Gideon's Lawkeeper
3 x Deputy of Acquittals
1 x Kor Skyfisher
2 x Lone Missionary
1 x Snapcaster Mage <- P1p1
1 x Sea Gate Oracle
1 x Attended Knight
1 x Master Splicer
1 x Mist Raven
3 x Sensor Splicer

Non-Creatures (7)
2 x Familiar's Ruse
1 x Momentary Blink
2 x Ghostly Flicker
1 x Vanish into Memory

Lands (17)
1 x Azorius Guildgate
8 x Island
8 x Plains

Other cards that got boarded in during the night
1 x Orzhov Guildgate
1 x Crumbling Necropolis
1 x Dimir Signet
1 x Bone Splinters
1 x Wingcrafter
1 x Gideon's Lawkeeper

Deck was SUPER fun to play, even if it did roll over and die to a Vithian Stinger...twice.
Also died to an Olivia, different opponent, same result just a quicker death.

Discovered that Vanish Into Memory is wicked sweet with tokens. I used it 3 times that I remember off the top of my head, once on one of my own golem tokens, once on an opponent's dragon token (thankyou broodmate, that hurt), and once on a Spike Jester that had been suited up with Madcap Skills.

Went 1-1-1.
Would have been 1-0-2, but my last round opponent was a friend and 2-0 going into the round (I was 1-0-1) so when it went to time (Lone Missionary must have gained me at least 20 life that match) I conceded so he could go 3-0 (5 packs) rather than him getting whatever it would have been at 2-0-1. I would have gotten nothing at 1-0-2 anyway so it's not like it hurt me.

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 Post subject: Re: MM17 RB aggro
PostPosted: Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:02 pm 
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Joined: Sep 23, 2013
Posts: 7260
I have only played on cockatrice a few times, but decks I liked were UW blink (4 xMist Raven!!) and UB instants. The format is generally very slow so if you can survive to hold up for the flash flier/spectacle/rewind/various draw spell, you almost can't lose.

I did have a slower deck have real trouble with 3xSkyknight Legionnaire

Oh and the 4x Burning-Tree Emissary + Madcap Skills + bloodrush was not a good deck. 1/3s are solid blockers in this format, and there is plenty of instant speed removal.

"Everything looks good when your opponent passes 4 turns in a row" -- rstnme
"Something that does not look good when your opponent does nothing is not a thing" -- me

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